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About Us

Getting Healthy First is owned and led by Irene C. Biles, CN, PFT.

Our Mission is to help people reach their goals of having a healthier, vibrant life, with reduced pain, by providing:

  • Bio Impedance Analysis testing, finding your cellular health, biological age, body composition, body water levels and more.

  • A Nutritional eating plan based on your metabolism.

  • Metagenics, pharmaceutical grade supplement recommendations for optimal health and to treat health conditions.

  • Assistance in making Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes to reach your health potential.

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Proud Provider of Metagenics

Scientifically advanced, medically-based nutrients in a supplement form to bring you cellular level nutrition for optimal performance.  

Metagenics is dedicated to bringing you innovative, groundbreaking products to ensure you stay on the leading edge of science in progress towards your personalized nutrition.

Over 300 targeted formulas are available, of which a few recommendations are made on this site. Any of the "Learn More" links on our site will provide access to the full Metagenics store.

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"A few words on Irene!  She is knowledgeable and deeply cares for others. 

Her passion for helping people create workability for their health and fitness is inspiring.

I highly recommend a call with her."

Mario Che

Life Coach, GOATSWin

"If you're looking to learn about nutrition don't hesitate to call Irene, the plan she customized for me was eye opening. 

I specifically appreciated learning about portion sizes and with her suggested daily menu I am already starting to feel the results. 

I look forward to my next consultation and see where my body composition is after following her plan. Thank you Irene."

Eddie Alba

Studio Owner, Century Dancesport

"I loved my session with Irene. I got a lot of detailed information.  The diet prescribed is perfect for me as I love all the food. I was just doing it all in the wrong proportions.

I can't wait to see my body results in a few months from now. Thanks Irene!"

Sergio Brilhante

Professional Dancer/Instructor

About: Client Testimonials

From Irene Biles, Founder of Getting Healthy First

What is success to you?

What ever it may be, you need your health to enjoy it!

We all know that we cannot really enjoy life if we are not feeling well. We have heard so many times that ‘our diets do not provide all the vitamins we need’ that it has become like a kind of white noise!

I strongly put forth here that it is true, we can experience great improvements in our health with quality, potent supplements. I have experienced it, and I have seen it! 

The human body is made to receive certain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in optimal amounts for best function, performance, and healing ability.

Today, It’s very true that our diets don’t supply enough nutrients to function at our best level. And it may be thought that buying multi vitamins at the store would cover it, but they do not. Nor do store bought supplements provide guaranteed quality ingredients.

There is a big difference between feeling nothing from taking vitamins to really feeling a big improvement in health, which can be quite amazing!

Science-based, Lab researched and tested supplement formulas are available which do make a difference in reaching: improved and optimal health, strengthening the immune system to fight today’s battles, having keener mental acuity & memory function, feeling well, pain reduction, lowering blood pressure, improving cardiovascular health, helping improve body composition, improving bone health, treating male and female health issues, feeling at the top of your game.

Your great health efforts can be greatly met in the success of achieving good health, and a great component of that is insuring your body has what it needs through quality supplementation. I have found that in providing Metagenics, who hold the belief that genetic potential can be achieved through nutrition.

I see great improvements in the health of my clients, and I personally experience healing from pain from nerve damage in my arms, better mental function, and have more energy, as well I support my bone health, digestive health, musculoskeletal system, and my overall health!

I am able to take dance classes, exercise daily, and feel pretty great for the most part! I set a goal long ago that I would enter old age in a healthful manner, and I feel I have pretty much accomplished that, it feels good! Who knows what tomorrow brings but I am ready to face it and fight the good fight, there are a number of really good supplement recommendations on my site here, and you can purchase a Metagenics through any of the learn more buttons, I highly recommend supplementing for your best health. It truly works!

Please contact me if you have any questions!

Irene C. Biles, CN, PFT

Getting Healthy First

Mobile/Remote Nutritionist

Bio Impedance Analysis

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